Antriksh Urban Greek

L Zone Dwarka is the new hot spot for the home seekers. It can be rightly said that the L Zone land has great possibilities for urbanization and is proposed to come under Land Pooling Policy of DDA. Delhi has always had a substantial demand for high-rise buildings for residential purposes. With the ever-rising demand for residential buildings, L Zone will become one of the most popular residential areas in Delhi.

 Urban Greek is like an answer for all residential needs. The occupants can expect modern infrastructure along with lots of greenery. The project intends to give people an ultra modern urban lifestyle. With lush green gardens to surround the buildings, residents can look forward to a fresh and relaxed environment.

Residents would get access to high-class luxury amenities like a 7-star state of the art sports arena, gymnasium, and swimming pools. To add to the luxurious feel, lots of 5-star and 7-star hotels are to be constructed in the sub-city. The residents can also look out for the country’s largest exhibition and convention center in Dwarka.

The Antriksh Urban Greek Floor plan is explained in detail on the website for reference and proper understanding of the flat layout. The projects will bring out the smart living options for the residents. The fantastic amenities in the complex will keep the residents busy and they wouldn’t have to look elsewhere to spend their free time. They do not have to travel to places to enjoy theatre or a spa. A fashion hub right next to the complex fulfills all shopping needs too.

Antriksh Group has a great 30-year experience in residential buildings and by this project at Dwarka; people can be assured to get results that will go far beyond the expectations. Antriskh Urban Greek price list is transparent as it clearly denotes the price quotation and everything that comes with the project. There are no hidden costs as all costs (including additional) have been clearly listed in the website. The reader can download the price list and refer to it.