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Dda Smart Cities Features

Dda Smart cities are adorned with various smart facilities. These features and facilities aim at making your life more comfortable and peaceful. Some Silent Features of Smart Cities which you are unaware of are described below for your better understanding of a Delhi smart city.

Dda Smart Cities provide smart infrastructural development such as the construction of roads for smooth and easy connectivity to all the different places. Creation of smart localities which offer a congestion-free and pollution free environment with international standards of security. With all the above provisions Delhi Smart Cities are expected to boost economy.

Delhi Smart City , Delhi development Promotes development with mixed land use. It insures that proper planning is done for efficient land use and timely execution of the plan takes place. The State has the flexibility to make necessary changes in the land use plan for the benefit of the project.

Delhi Smart City involve the Development of open spaces for maintaining ecological balance and greenery all around along with recreational areas such as parks and playgrounds to enhance the living standards of people.

Dda Smart Cities not only provide a comfortable home but also insure proper transport and promote a variety of transport system- Transit Oriented development (TOD) and Public transport.

Smart Cities are citizen friendly and cost efficient government projects which use online services to bring transparency and accountability. There are various mobile applications and online customer services to offer fast and easy services. E groups have been created to receive feedbacks and online monitoring of programs.

According to the master plan 2021, every  Smart City in India will have its identity based on its economic condition, social condition, culture, food, history, textile, sports and health sectors.

Dda Smart Cities are responsible for adapting Smart Solutions for infrastructure and services in order to make development better. For example, making Areas less vulnerable to disasters, using fewer resources, and providing cheaper services.


Delhi Smart Cities Strategy

Delhi Smart City Mission involves improvement of city, city renewal and city extension with an-city initiative covering the large part of the city and for that, strategic approach for area wise development is the most important thing.

Along with effective planning the efficient execution of strategies is important for building areas to make the city more efficient and livable place. The policy of retrofitting is adopted for the creation of the smart city, under which an area of 500 acres or more is identified in the city with the consultation of citizens. Development of current infrastructure is planned in order to create strong and high-quality buildings. The current infrastructure will remain intact and extra development work will be carried out on a large scale. The development work can be completed in a short span of time and can work as a superb example of Smart City to other cities.

New layouts with better technology and innovative ideas are designed for redevelopment work of more than 50 acres of land which is identified by Urban Local Bodies (ULB) in consultation with citizens. New layouts will be prepared with mixed land use as done by the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Project in Mumbai and the redevelopment of East Kidwai Nagar in New Delhi by the National Building Construction Corporation.

Delhi Smart City will Use innovative methods for plan financing and plan implementation, the Greenfield development like the GIFT city in Gujarat, is planned to offer the smart solution to those who wish to own house in affordable price especially for the weaker sections of society.

Dda Smart City project offers something for every person of the society. The development is based on the innovative approach of retrofitting and Greenfield development model. Just like retrofitting and Greenfield, Pan is an additional feature which offers a smart solution to fulfill the housing needs of people in urban areas. Pan city development offers a smart solution to existing infrastructure. Latest technology and information will be used to make better infrastructure and services. Pan city development refers to hassle free living. For example, constructing high-frequency transport facility to offer congestion-free and easy accessibility.

Dda Smart Cities Work

Real estate, a dynamic field with endless possibilities and the lightening fast growing pace the industry has various gems hidden in its treasure. The complexities of the industry, however, flies over a layman`s head and makes it difficult for him to take a wise and profitable decision and move forward in the march of exploring new possibilities, and here arises a need of a trusted and experienced hand which can guide you through all the black and whites.

We at Dda Smart Cities, stay with you at every step of your journey whether it’s acquiring a new home, investment in real estate or buying office spaces, we guide you and help you to find a property that matches your strategic requirements and making sure that you get the best returns possible.

At Dda Smart Cities we work with well-trained hands and along with our experienced team, we have built an innovative model with highest ethical standards in customer service. The company not only aims at establishing world class living standards with the pocket of every common man but also tries to comply with the client’s expectations. We provide complete guidance to all our customers and welcome all advice’s and suggestion with the view of continuous improvement.

Our experts, strategists, and planners have extensively researched on DDA land pooling L-Zone Policy for our customers and short-listed an array of projects with the diverse residential product. All the projects under Dda Smart Cities offer a smart life to its residents with all the latest facilities and services at a single click. Dda Smart Cities provide its clients with the best services be residential or commercial real estate. We believe in the policy of building customers for life and standing up for all our clients throughout the journey of buying a property, and when it comes to business we make sure that our client gets nothing less than the best.

Our All the Preparations of Layout plans, sector plans and declaration of areas under the land pooling policy along with the Imposition of revenue maps on the approved zonal plans is controlled by DDA.

DDA is responsible for the Timely development of identified land with planned roads, infrastructure work of water supply, sewerage and drainage system, provision/ of social infrastructure and traffic with metro corridors.