Delhi Development Authority/Central Government have proposed ‘Draft Policy Development/Utilization of Privately Owned Lands’. In order to operationalize this policy, the draft detailed “Regulations for Enabling the Planned Development of Privately Owned Lands” have been prepared under Section 57 of Delhi Development Act, 1957 and approved by Authority in its meeting held on 21.12.2017.


It has been decided to put up these regulations in Public Domain to get the feedback/ views of the stake holders/ general public. Accordingly these Regulations have been put up in public domain on DDA’s website (under ‘HOT LINKS’ and ‘PUBLIC NOTICES’) for inviting views of all the stake holders/public within a period of Thirty Days from the date of issue of this Notice.

Any person having any views/suggestions with respect to the proposed Regulations may send the same in writing to the Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Delhi Development Authority, ‘B’ Block, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi-110023, within the above stipulated time period. The person making the views/suggestions should also give his I her name, address and telephone / contact number(s) which should be readable. The text of draft Regulations shall also be available for reference at the Office of the Dy. Director, Master Plan Section, 6th Floor, Vikas Minar, IP Estate, New Delhi-110002, on all working days within the period referred above. File No: F15(12)2017/MP Sdl-Date: 13.01.2018 Commissioner-cum- Secretary, Place: New Delhi Delhi Development Authority

Draft Pvt.Land Regulations Public Notice – (Hinid)—Delhi LPP

Source : DDA

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