The Delhi L zone development project is predicted to be the most substantial development plan ever witnessed by the residents of the country. Under this plan the capital city soon to be known as the smart city, will undergo a mammoth change. With humongous capital investments and fervent strategies, L zone project is a miraculous fetus born out with the amalgamation of fertile ideas of citizens, strategists, and corporations, which has joined hands to build Delhi smart city. A smart city is an approach to providing world`s best amenities on a click. With the zeal ignited Delhi L zone wishes to serve the clients with the best real estate solutions, both residential and commercial.


With the fetish of earning customers for life and providing them with the best services, the smart city has joined hands with certain refined brains of Revanta smart residency and many others. These Smart cities expedition will not only help in solving the sprouting challenges of urbanization but will also make Delhi, the National capital to be the first city to adopt a unique approach for a building smart city. The unique approach will change the face and condition of Delhi strategically and Delhi is all set to get into the rollercoaster of development.


Delhi L zone development is not only a product of real estate thinker and government but constitutes equal participation and suggestions from the public, diplomats, RWA’s, college and school students. General public constituting the citizens of different age groups face a different kind of problems in their everyday lives, the L zone smart city project thus chooses the general public to seek suggestions and solve their problems with much ease.


The Delhi Smart city is a Rs. 1800 crore project and is the first among the 100 cities that are to be developed under the dream project of the Indian prime minister of developing smart cities. These smart cities promise services like smart life, smart society, smart economy, smart governance and smart environment and in doing so it aims to seek active participation from citizens and corporation.


The Delhi L zone development is not only being carried out to offer luxurious ways of living but it is planned to meet the age-old problems faced by the humongous population of Delhi. Problems like unavailability of proper land, clean water, food, and energy. The L zone smart city aims to provide quality life to the society and upgrade the standard of living by offering sustainable resources and facilities.


Delhi will be developed into a digital city where not only the apartments but the hospitals, restaurants and even the schools will be digitalized, which will help the country to grow and compete to the international standards. For example, Digitization of schools will improve the quality of education and will make lessons available online, along with the facility of online fees summation. Smart hospital facility will help to keep patient’s digitized records with laboratory and maintain appointment systems, and this is not where it ends all the Buildings, malls, restaurants and other public areas will be made disabled-friendly. Also, a‘Garbage to Gas’ plan will initiate that will turn the garbage to methane gas, which can be later used as a cooking fuel and street lighting.

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