The government’s traffic and transport body approved Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA) proposal for a third ring road.spanning 60 kilo -metres, to decongest the national capital, On Wednesday -Urban Extension Road-II Is expected to reduce traffic on Ring Road and Outer Ring Road. which see heavy Jams during most part or the day. lasest Imated to be completed by 99020.

The semi-circular road win start from National Highway (NH)l near Narela, pass through NH 10 near ROMIll and Dwatica and end at NH S. said a senior DDA Official.

DDA has constructed 90% of the road. The portion between Kanptawala and NEMO remains, the Official sald.

At present, If a person In Narela has to gothodirport,h0Or she will have to cross Dhaula Kuan. Once the road Is constructed, people can straighta­way cross the All Ptir and enter the alrport, 110 Sald. People coming from Rohini can also directly enter the air­port, rather than coming to Dhaula Kuan, he added.

Slmilarly,people in north and northwest Delhi have to go to Punlabl Bagh and Dhaula Kuan to get to therdrport. They can use the new road once It is con­structed.

The road has provisions of Mass Ftap Id Transit System and Bus Rapid Transit system. It was also decided In the meeting that the existing Build Rotulfdong the canal connecting Bljwasan-Najafgarh to the Northern Peripheral Road will bewidenedtofacn It ate local traff­ic movement between Delhi and Gurgaon.

The road from Mangal Pandey Marg In east Delhi from the foot of Signet ore Bridge to Detal-UP Border (Bhopura) was also approved. This will fachitate smooth traffic on east Delhi road.

A total of 20 Metro stations and its Surrounding area under the Multi Modal Integration (MMI) project were also approved to facilitate last mile connectivity for Metro users.

The MMI projects consist of Integrated scheme for pedes­trian fact litles such as fOOt Over-bridge. wider passes and space for parking of auto rickshaws and e-rickshaws.

An estimate of the traffic that the stretch experiences needs to be considered before we can surely say whether It will ease the traffic woes.” said head of department(transport an plan­ning) at School of Planning and Architecture at, PK Sarkar.

Source From: Hindustan Times

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