Draft Regulation for Operationzation of Land Pooling Policy

These Regulation Shall Be Called As Land Pooling Policy regulations and shall be applicable in the proposed urbanisable areas of the urban extensions,as may be notified by the competent Authority.

  1. Introduction : The Master Plan for Delhi 2021, notified on 07.02.2007 stipulates that the Land Pooling Policy would be based on the optimum utilization of available resources, both public and private in land assembly, development/redevelopment & housing, which has been now been added in the form of Chapter 19.0 on Land Policy Vide S.O No 2687 (E) dt. 5.9.13 ( Annexure A).

The Land Pooling Policy is based on the concept of Land Pooling Wherein the land parcels owned by individuals or group of owners are legally consolidated by transfers the ownership of the part of land back to the land owners for undertaking of development for such areas.

Permissibility :

Any land owner, or a group of landowners ( who have grouped together of their own volition/will for this purpose ) or a developer, hereinafter referred to as the “ Developer Entity(DE)/Private Entity(PE),” shall be eligible to participate in the Land Pooling Scheme as per prescribed norms and guidelines stipulated in chapter 19.0 of MPD 2021. The policy is applicable the unbanishable areas of the Urban Extensions for which Zonal Plans have been approved except:


Source: http://dda.org.in/tendernotices_docs/jan14/Draft%20LAND%20POOLING%20POLICY%20regulations%20for%20the%20WEBSITE_290114.pdf