L Zone Changing The Map of Delhi

l zone dwarka

With the humongous population of 25 million, the esteem capital of India has been crowned as world’s second most populated city in the world. With such a huge population there arises the problem of housing space and accommodation within the city. Since long people have been juggling with the issue of proper living space in Delhi, but now the problem can be seen coming to its end with the rise of the L- zone project.

The DDA L- zone project is expected to change the map of the country`s capital, and is the biggest upcoming real estate projects under which the amazing area of Dwarka phase 2 with its tremendous connectivity with the entire Delhi NCR region will be converted to the first smart city of Delhi. L zone Dwarka`s southwest Delhi location brings it very close to south Delhi. This acts as a big time saver and makes it very easy to travel from Dwarka phase 2 to south Delhi.  The area of DDA L Zone Dwarka is surrounded by NH-10/ Rohtak road and railway line in the North Dwarka Sub-city in the east. Due to its strategic and well-connected location along with the USP of being Neighbored Dwarka on one side and Gurgaon on the other, DDA l Zone Dwarka is a perfect housing location in Delhi.

It is a comfortable location for office going people and will turn out to be an awesome solution for saving time and traveling. Through this amazing master plan L- zone is expected to change the map of Delhi. Moreover, the DDA L zone is not only the new smart city but also the upcoming diplomatic enclave adorned with very high-class security system and facilities available near the embassies. The area is not only posh and suitable for high-class dwellings but all the more convenient place for the delegates and diplomats visiting India. Acting as a part of Prime Minister`s proposal, L- zone project is one of the100 Smart Cities that are to be developed throughout the country by 2020. Wonderfully Initiated under the land pooling policy the L- zone project is not only an offer for a luxurious life but an extremely sound real estate proposal

The L zone is a 22,979 hectares vast area which is all decked with all kind of basic and elite amenities. The upcoming project in Dwarka is designed wonderfully in order to comply with the uplifted standard of living of metropolitan city. It will also have the access to Delhi’s largest golf course and all the fun areas making it all the more tempting. The region with its suitable location, extreme comforts and superb connectivity is contemplated to be a major hub for the NCR population in next five years.

No doubt the DDA L zone Dwarka project is the ultimate location to settle. The L zone project is not only adorned with world-class living apartments like Revanta heights but also a land of with vast opportunities for infrastructural facilities like roads, public transport hubs, and police stations. The entire process is like a surgery that is initiated to change the face of Delhi.


Delhi L Zone Development

delhi l zone development

The Delhi L zone development project is predicted to be the most substantial development plan ever witnessed by the residents of the country. Under this plan the capital city soon to be known as the smart city, will undergo a mammoth change. With humongous capital investments and fervent strategies, L zone project is a miraculous fetus born out with the amalgamation of fertile ideas of citizens, strategists, and corporations, which has joined hands to build Delhi smart city. A smart city is an approach to providing world`s best amenities on a click. With the zeal ignited Delhi L zone wishes to serve the clients with the best real estate solutions, both residential and commercial.


With the fetish of earning customers for life and providing them with the best services, the smart city has joined hands with certain refined brains of Revanta smart residency and many others. These Smart cities expedition will not only help in solving the sprouting challenges of urbanization but will also make Delhi, the National capital to be the first city to adopt a unique approach for a building smart city. The unique approach will change the face and condition of Delhi strategically and Delhi is all set to get into the rollercoaster of development.


Delhi L zone development is not only a product of real estate thinker and government but constitutes equal participation and suggestions from the public, diplomats, RWA’s, college and school students. General public constituting the citizens of different age groups face a different kind of problems in their everyday lives, the L zone smart city project thus chooses the general public to seek suggestions and solve their problems with much ease.


The Delhi Smart city is a Rs. 1800 crore project and is the first among the 100 cities that are to be developed under the dream project of the Indian prime minister of developing smart cities. These smart cities promise services like smart life, smart society, smart economy, smart governance and smart environment and in doing so it aims to seek active participation from citizens and corporation.


The Delhi L zone development is not only being carried out to offer luxurious ways of living but it is planned to meet the age-old problems faced by the humongous population of Delhi. Problems like unavailability of proper land, clean water, food, and energy. The L zone smart city aims to provide quality life to the society and upgrade the standard of living by offering sustainable resources and facilities.


Delhi will be developed into a digital city where not only the apartments but the hospitals, restaurants and even the schools will be digitalized, which will help the country to grow and compete to the international standards. For example, Digitization of schools will improve the quality of education and will make lessons available online, along with the facility of online fees summation. Smart hospital facility will help to keep patient’s digitized records with laboratory and maintain appointment systems, and this is not where it ends all the Buildings, malls, restaurants and other public areas will be made disabled-friendly. Also, a‘Garbage to Gas’ plan will initiate that will turn the garbage to methane gas, which can be later used as a cooking fuel and street lighting.


Buying a Home for Loved Ones


It is absolutely true that home is important, very important. No one can undermine the importance of a home. Everyone prioritize a comfortable house more than any other thing, a cozy, safe, beautiful home is something that each and every individual desire for, a place where one can live happily with his/ her loved ones. But before you nestle around an area, you should keep in mind all the requirements and needs of all the family members from old to young. Whether it’s your parent’s old grandparents or your life partner everyone does have their specific needs which should be accounted before you buy a home for your loved ones, to make your stay happy and comfortable.


A clean and pollution free surrounding is a must. In today`s time when life is running at the lightning fast speed, everyone needs a house with peaceful atmosphere. Proper security, 24 hours power and water supply and good connectivity to school, colleges, market and hospitals along with proper transport facility are certain things which are the basic requirements in today`s time. If one is looking for a dream house in Delhi then the new smart city that is being developed in L zone Dwarka is a very sound option. Inclusive of all the above mention amenities the L zone smart city is decked up endless world class facilities that can make you live life king size with your loved ones.


A perfect home is one which is a wonderful blend of architectural and designer expertise completely elaborated with wonderful interiors. A house beautifully painted with velvet touch paint along with the floors are adorned with Italian and Spanish marbles and the elegant main entrance is a dream for everyone. If you are also looking forward to providing a dream home for your family that too at an affordable price, then the L zone smart city is your ultimate destination.


Here you can find Modern houses that have been constructed on ancient and contemporary architectural values that too with Maximum Utilization of Space. Apart from the regular services you should also keep in mind the recreational needs of your family members like availability of innovative clubhouses for kids and beautiful gardens created and nurtured for children, adults and elders and the facilities of swimming, and gymnasium.


In L zone Dwarka provides 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHk flats which are fully updated and fully built-in with modern and high-end home appliances. These apartments have very strict security along with CCTV and video door phones to provide its residents with complete protection, a separate reception and waiting for the area is also constructed for the visitors and guests. The houses built here nestles in nature and provide highly affordable luxurious living houses where You and your family will not have to compromise on living in a peaceful environment because you happen to live in a metro city. After all providing a comfortable home to family is every man`s dream which should be fulfilled in a magical way.


Best Properties to Buy in Delhi

Delhi the national capital is the land of opportunities Delhi has a humongous population of 25 million which are inhabited in various parts of the city. Every year thousands of young people are found migrating to this capital of opportunities and seek to acquire lodging for them. Not only the land of opportunities the city also houses various treasure of infrastructure and real estate properties. To look upon, Delhi has got some of the best real estate solutions for both residential and commercial purpose.


One should be able to judge his/ her requirements and the budget and he/she is all set to have some of the best properties available. Along with the existing options, the city has various projects coming up for the near future. If one can have some patience and has the zeal to take the best, the upcoming project of Dwarka L zone stands as the best option for you.


The area is being developed under prime minister Narendra Modi’s dream project of building 100 smart cities and includes some of the best properties for the residents of the city. The area has the best infrastructural developers working together to provide the world class opportunities at the distance of one click. Under this project many successful developers like Revanta heights and many other which aims to provide a smart living to all its residents.


The posh and soothing environment will make your stay even more comfortable and one will not have to compromise with the peace just because they happen to live in a metro city. The wonderful connectivity and the great location of the area not only make the area greatly suitable for housing but is also an effective prospect for commercial purpose. With fabulous gross rental yield and high circle rates the properties in L zone can be seen as potential investments.


From house buyers to large constructing organizations and developers, there is something available in the region. For those who are hunting for a humble abode, the Dwarka L zone has luxurious apartments decked up with all the possible facilities that too at an affordable price. For constructors, I provide a giant scope for business and profit through its land pooling policy. For the investors, it provides various profitable deals that would initiate a regular cash flow for them.


Purchasing a property is a big decision as it involves a huge capital investment, thus one should be very careful of the property they choose. Because a right choice can make you gain sufficiently whereas a single mistake can cost you to lose lakhs and crores depending upon the size of your investment. Delhi being the land of various good opportunities also has some evil capitalist, so one should be careful and well informed before they venture into the field of real estate.


Best Projects to Invest in Dwarka L Zone

Money is of no use if it is not multiplied in due course of time, and for the multiplication of wealth investments in real estate has been seen as the most prudent option since ages. In case you have been wondering about, where to invest? Then here is the perfect solution for your confusion. The Dwarka L zone has some of the best projects in which money can be freely invested with the assurance of 100% returns.

To look upon, the residential projects in L-zone Dwarka, with all the luxuries and facilities offers really high standards of living. Keeping in mind the choice of every age individual from children to adults and senior citizens the societies offers an array of choices to truly involve the residents in a lifestyle of harmony and activity. The apartments of the world class developers like Revanta  Heights and many others are designed to totally accomplish your family needs and requirements. L zone Dwarka provides 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHk flats which are fully updated and fully built-in with modern and high-end home appliances.

These apartments have very strict security along with CCTV and video door phones to provide its residents with complete protection, a separate reception and waiting for the area is also constructed for the visitors and guests. Along with 24 hours of water and power supply, L Zone smart city is well equipped with pipe gas, elevators service. Not only the basic amenities of housing, the societies are amazingly designed for recreational activities with gym, swimming pools, garden area for playing, jogging, walking and exercising.

All the flats of hundreds of developers available at the L zone Dwarka a wonderful blend of architectural and designer expertise completely elaborated with wonderful interiors. The flats are beautifully painted with velvet touch paint and the floors are adorned with Italian and Spanish marbles and the elegant main entrance. In the L zone smart city Modern houses have been constructed with Maximum Utilization of Space. Built on ancient and contemporary architectural values the 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK units have amazing facilities of parking, swimming, and gymnasium and SOS console operation. Apart from the regular services, there are innovative clubhouses for the esteemed society members and beautiful gardens created and nurtured for children, adults, and elders to be used in a customized manner.

The L zone smart city project is all decked up with latest security features and 24/7 availability of electrician, plumbers to provide a very comfortable living to its residents. All the above facilities that too at a very affordable price make the properties at Dwarka L zone the best options to invest. With high Rental value, the place is also suitable for those who want to gain a regular income out of their investments. The location of the area acts as the biggest USP that will act for the growth and increase in the future circle rate of the first smart city in the nation.