Sticking to the timelines of “Delhi Master Plan 2021” and “Housing for All-2022″, DDA today notified two major announcements on Land Pooling Policy and MPD 2021:

1- DDA Land pooling Director notifies Development Area to boost planned authorized construction in Land Pooling Zones


2- DDA notifies Norms for Land Distribution & Development Control for existing/modified/new Hi-Tech Industrial Areas under MPD 2021-IT/Service Based Industry Priority Sector


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Government announces new PPP policy for private investments in affordable housing

MUMBAI: Taking its efforts to achieve ‘Housing for All by 2022’ further, the central government has announced a new public-private partnership (PPP) policy for affordable housing that allows extending central assistance of up to Rs.2.50 lakh per each house to be built by private builders even on private lands.

Under this policy announced by Minister of Housing & Urban Affairs Hardeep Singh Puri, eight PPP (Public Private Partnership) models have been provided for private sector to invest in affordable housing segment.

It has also opened potential for private investments in affordable housing projects on government lands in urban areas.

While addressing real estate body NAREDCO’s summit, Puri explained that this policy seeks to assign risks among the government, developers and financial institutions, to those who can manage them the best besides leveraging under-utilized and un-utilized private and public lands towards meeting the target of Housing for All.

“We are not being prescriptive or restrictive with these models. Land being a state subject, the the governments can come up with more models that would help in ..

The two PPP models for private investments in affordable housing on private lands include extending central assistance of about Rs 2.50 lakh per each house as interest subsidy on bank loans as upfront payment under the Credit Linked Subsidy Component (CLSS) component of Pradhan Mantri Awas yojana (Urban). Under the second option, central assistance of Rs 1.50 lakh per each house to be built on private lands would be provided, in case the beneficiaries do not intend to take bank loans.

Puri stated that eight PPP options, including six for promoting affordable housing with private investments using government lands have been evolved after extensive consultations with States, promoter bodies and other stakeholders.

The six models using government lands are:

1.DBT Model: Under this option, private builders can design, build and transfer houses built on government lands to public authorities. Government land is to be allocated based on the least cost of c ..



Get Guided and Stay Informed about The Demonetization Impact on Delhi’s Property Market

For many city residents, owning a home has always been a distant dream. The highly unaffordable real estate prices force the people to stay majorly in rented houses. However, several recent events have created countless possibilities of owing a property of their choice and preference.

The government’s recent surprising move to nail down on black money hoarders across the country by banning Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes is anticipated to have a great effect on certain pockets of both the residential and commercial markets across the country, and especially in the national capital region.

Everybody is talking about these effects but most are clueless about the nature of these effects. As per the analysis of the reputed property consultant of the national capital region – DDA Smart Cities, this so-called can be classified into two main parts-

Impact on Primary or Fresh Market-

The term Primary is used to define purely ethical, apparent, transparent and appropriate dealings which take place only through pure white methodologies. The people who used to deal in these ways will not have any major effect because all their dealings were always open and transparent. However, the impact as estimated and anticipated by the DDA Smart Cities will have only 5 to 10% impact which may last only for 3 to 6 months. One of the ray of hope and possibility associated with fresh market is that people who used to finalized their dealings in the secondary market having some discrepancies, would be compelled to move to Fresh Market due to some limitations of the secondary market.

 Effects on Secondary Market-

Secondary market is the term that is used for denoting and redefining the property dealings that are made between two or more persons in which one is giver and the other one taker. Buyer and seller should the perfect word to define this mode. This format involves the money which is transacted in two parts. The one way is transparent which is made open, and the other one is hid by all the involved people. At this juncture when demonetization has come up to cast its spell upon each and every walk of life, the cash crunch will compel the people to do the things in different behavior. As per the comprehensive analysis made by the reputed Dwarka L Zone based consultant DDA Smart Cities, the impact will last only for 6-12 months and the dealings affected will be only 15 to 25%.

People should not stay clueless about these impacts

If you are the one who is highly apprehensive about the impacts of demonetization on the property market, then you should seek proper and well analyzed consultancy services from DDA Smart Cities. Needless to say, each and every bad impact or circumstance has a silver lining, and the demonetization also has offered many opportunities to be grabbed by the people like you. Once you are guided, you will find yourself able to make the most of this highly precious opportunity.